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We Make SMS Alerts Fair and Clear

Our Opt-In Process

Our SMS opt-in process is designed with clarity and fairness at its core, exclusively available to participants of our paid reader program. Here's how it works:

  1. Only those who apply and are accepted into our paid reader program can opt into SMS messages.
  2. Applicants must agree to all terms, register, and enter payment details before opting in.
  3. Each application is manually reviewed by our expert team.
  4. Accepted members then gain access to opt into specific SMS alerts.
  5. A screenshot of the opt-in form is provided for clarity.
  6. An approved paid reader can optionally enter "SUBSCRIBE" if they contact support to get the phone number.
  7. Opting out is simple: reply to any text with "STOP" or remove your SMS number from your profile.
  8. For more details, see our SMS Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
Opt-In Form Screenshot