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We are committed to encouraging readers to explore new authors and books through the use of technology. We believe that our platform will help you find those books and now we even give you a chance to win a free kindle. This giveaway is open to all fairgoers and we hope that if you win you fill it full of great books that you find right here on eBookFairs.

Amazon Kindle Base Unit

Frequency of Giveaways

In order for there to be a giveaway in any given week, there must be a fair that is in the first week of being published. Only fairs that are in active voting periods will show the giveaway form for everyone to sign up. If you don't see a giveaway on a fair that just means that the fair is outside of its voting window or you may have already submitted for the giveaway.

Where is the Entry Form?

The entry form for the weekly giveaway is at the bottom of each fair that is currently in the voting period (been published for a week or less). Please go to one of those fairs and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the entry form. If no fairs are currently in their voting periods you will see the sign up form below instead.

Win a FREE Kindle

Enter our weekly giveaway and get a free 8GB Kindle (or equivalent). You can see the rules and restrictions on our Giveaway page. Multiple votes are allowed up to the limits our system enforces. From all of our authors thank you for visiting our fair and best of luck to you!

Fair and Simple Rules

We know how important it is to have rules to govern a giveaway. Our rules are very straightforward and have intentionally been kept to a bare minimum.

  • The Actual Prize - The kindle will be the most basic kindle model that is available for shipping in any given week and will be a brand new unit. This could vary from week-to-week based on the inventory at Amazon.
  • Ineligible Members - The only ineligible members are employees of eBookFairs and their immediate families. Everyone else is welcome to participate including all of the authors on our platform. You also do not need to be a member of the platform to win the giveaway.
  • Winner Eligibility - Since the winner is picked completely randomly it is possible for someone to win more than once and that is allowed. No entrants are removed from the random selection process.
  • Winner Selection - We use a random seed that is generated by our system and then query the database for entrants each week. The query will return one random record and that person will win the giveaway. There will be no manual intervention in this process.
  • Prize Delivery - We will send the prize notification email to whatever email was entered in the giveaway (no exceptions, so please use the correct email address). We will then ask the winner for their shipping address. This can take up to 5 business days for us to process and delivery is out of our control but will be the most cost effective way that Amazon provides. Any prizes not claimed in 90 days by providing an address will be considered unwanted and therefore are forfeited with no replacement winner.

Public Results

We feel it is important to show the winners from all weeks of the giveaway here on this page. If you believe you may be a winner and you just didn't know it for some reason, please contact help@ebookfairs.com so we can help you out.'

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Other Sweepstakes Rules

The rules of this sweepstakes will not be changed unless it is necessary. If it is deemed necessary, this is the location where you can see any updates to the rules of the giveaway.

  • Ongoing Prizes - Since our giveaway and book fairs offer continuous prize opportunities by entering you agree to being notified regarding the books, fairs, and prizes. You can discontinue this at any time as well but this is important as it allows us to notify the winner each week.
  • Deliverability - If for some reason Amazon does not deliver to where you live and you cannot provide an address that will be deliverable then you will have an option to receive an Amazon egift card equal to the value of the kindle of the week. If that cannot be delivered for any reason then the prize is forfeited.
  • All Applicable Laws - If any laws prohibit you from winning whether they are state, local, or national laws then the prize will be forfeited. You agree that there will be no circumstance where giving or receiving this giveaway could possibly violate any laws under which either party is subject to.
  • Term of the Giveaway - This is an ongoing weekly contest that we intend to keep going (as long as there is a book fair in any given week). If for any reason we decide to discontinue it we will do that with at least a week's notice here on this page unless we are forced to close the giveaway for some other reason beyond our control.
  • Privacy Policy - Th privacy policy of eBookFairs.com applies to this giveaway in addition to all other activities on our platform. Please review that here if you have any privacy questions or concerns.

Administrative Contact

This giveaway is being managed by the team at eBookFairs.com. If you have questions or need assistance please reach out to us at: help@ebookfairs.com and we will do our best to answer as promptly as we can.