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Yes, it is and will always be free for readers. We want you to enjoy a wider range of books and to get introduced to new authors by other authors in the genres you love most. There are so many great independent authors out there waiting to be discovered by you.
We love that you want to show the author how much you liked their book. In order to do that we just ask that you create an account so we can identify where the votes are coming from. Votes are a part of our algorithm so we have to make sure they aren't being accidentally or purposefully manipulated through fair traffic.
Yes. Authors pay a low subscription fee on a monthly or annual basis to access the site, upload their books, and submit to book fairs. There are no hidden or additional fees to submit to book fairs or even to participate in our email blasts. We only charge the authors a small membership fee to maintain the costs of the site and to keep developing new features. If an author decides to cancel their subscription, they keep any listings they have in place. This is an author friendly policy because all of us are authors too and we want to see each other succeed in the short and long run. We will be here when the authors decide to renew and come back. You can get more information on our pricing page.