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How We Help Authors Grow Their Author Platforms

Create a Fair
The first step in the process is for an author to create a fair in our system. This should be relevant to one and only one of your own books. You then will wait for other authors to see your fair and submit their books or you can also reach out to them using our author contact search and ask them externally if they want to join your fair. You control how many books are in your fair (up to 50) and you can change that right up to when the fair is set to launch. Worried about getting authors to submit? Our team and system will assist you as needed with making requests to authors (we cannot know if they will choose to participate or not).
Fair is Analyzed
Once submissions start coming in to your fair it's up to you to review them and to decide whether to remove them or not. It's important to do that frequently as each submission will take up a slot until you clear it. We will send you a reminder three days before the fair to finalize your books. It's important to do that because whatever is in the list when the fair is published is indeed final.
Fair is Held
We provide a custom, sharable author link for the fair and notify every member author involved in the fair that it is time for them to share their custom link on their social media or author platform. We then analyze the traffic coming in from those links as well as having our team spot check the traffic to make sure it is within our policies. We provide visibility to each author on how their specific link is doing in their profile and we also provide an overall number right on the main page of the fair.
Fair is Locked
Once we have published the fair it is considered locked and is not changeable even by the owner of the fair. The reason this is the case is all of the authors in the fair have been notified and started doing their work so it would be unfair to allow any changes after the publish date. We also tally the overall score for the fair to see how well it went. The fair listing is permanent so no need to worry about the links disappearing. You can safely share them everywhere and know they will work for years to come. However, we count votes from the first week of the fair to determine winners to feature.