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An author can get super creative with a fair making it genre based or theme based. In this case we wanted to create a fair that would feature some amazing public domain books. Most of the books in our fairs will be much less known but it's also possible that not everyone knows you can get these classics as ebooks. If you haven't read them or it has been a while check out this fair and grab them.
As soon as the author creates the fair, other authors can start submitting their books. In some cases (like this one) our fair matchmakers here at eBookFairs will submit books on the behalf of some of the authors if those authors have not opted out of that program. We also let fair owners search the author database to try and reach out to specific authors they may be interested in having in their fair.
The author that created the fair is responsible for making sure that the fair is ready before it is published. This means they review the books that are in the fair to make sure that each of them meet whatever criteria they had in mind when they created the fair. This is a critical step because it's up to the author to make sure their fair delivers on whatever promise was made to the fairgoers and the other authors.'
The team here at eBookFairs and our systems then generate links and various assets (including videos like this one) that must be shared by all of the authors in the fair. This is really the make or break time for any fair. If everyone shares it then all authors will see the maximum benefit from the fair in increased publicity for their book and hopefully eventual sales to this larger group of extended fans.