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Upcoming Book Fairs

These are some of the book fairs that authors have created and are currently still accepting books. If you are interested in submitting one of your books and you are a member of our author community, then these book fairs are for you.

Current Book Fairs

These are book fairs that authors are currently sharing with friends, family, and fans. If someone has asked you to vote for their book in a book fair it could be one of these recently published fairs.

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We give prizes to the top reader and author every month. It could be books, it could be gift cards, but it will definitely be awesome. Readers and authors earn point by participating in fairs, ARC's, reading lists and just being active in everything we offer.

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Our Position on Generative AI

At eBookFairs, we are deeply cognizant of the game-changing potential of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in transforming the landscape of book marketing and promotion. We envision a future where AI is no longer just an auxiliary tool, but a cornerstone for the industry.

Our dedication to innovation has led us to utilize generative AI in creating high-impact book blurbs for our books as one example. We provide authors with a tool that leverages AI's ability to analyze data and understand patterns, using it to craft marketing book descriptions that deeply resonate with specific reader segments. This way, every book listing using our book blurb generator is tailor-made to captivate its intended audience.

In the fast-paced world of book releases, we're using AI to meticulously strategize and plan. By analyzing market trends, reading habits, and consumer behavior, AI empowers us to optimize our book launch system for maximal impact and traffic.

Beyond just planning and promotion, generative AI also offers innovative solutions for maintaining and building reader relationships. From automating personalized emails, social media posts, and reader recommendations to using AI chatbots for customer service, we're revolutionizing the way we engage with our community. We provide free tools for authors like our book cover checker which uses computer vision to score the quality of book covers and our name game that uses ChatGPT to help authors choose the perfect name for each character. We are helping authors create better books with more complete research through our suite of AI research assistants.

As pioneers in adopting generative AI in book production and marketing, eBookFairs is at the vanguard of technological innovation in the publishing industry. We see generative AI as more than just a tool—it's an opportunity to redefine the relationships between readers, authors, and publishers, creating more personalized, engaging, and memorable experiences. With generative AI, we are reimagining the best ways to create, promote, and sell books..

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