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Matching Game

Rules of the game: There are 8 book covers under the cards above. Click on a card to flip it over and view a book cover. The goal is to flip over all of the matching cards to find all 8 book covers. Once you have done that you will earn a point that will help you rank in our monthly rewards contest. As a reminder you get points for many different interactions with books and the reader and the author with the most points every month will win a gift card. The book covers will change every time you play so if you love matching games then keep playing and rack up a bunch of points. It's all fair game and we hope it is fairly fun too!

Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

Enter our weekly giveaway and get a $50 Amazon Gift Card plus access to some great books from our authors. You can see the rules and restrictions on our Giveaway page. Multiple entries are allowed up to the limits our system enforces. From all of our authors thank you for visiting our fair and best of luck to you!